Wonderful Villages Photo Competition

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Competition now closed for entries. Please VOTE to assist with judging. Hover over photos & vote by clicking the 'VOTE'.

[Update: We’re sorry to announce that the Corona virus pandemic is having an effect on the ‘Wonderful Villages’ photo competition. The current circumstances will make judgment impossible for the judging panel, and the temporary closure of many halls will hinder the personal presentation of prizes. Accordingly, we are delaying both the judging and presentation phases until further notice. As soon as the judging discussions and prize presentations can take place in safety, we will be able to restart the process and announce the winners. Please bear with us.]





Five eligible photos with the most votes will automatically go in to the final 'short list' for judging. So your votes really do count.

1. See photos at left or visit Photo Gallery.

2. The gallery of photos is shown in random order.

3. Scroll through and vote for those which you believe best illustrate the competition's theme (‘Village Life - a photo which characterises the value of community in your village’.) Your vote will be counted but not shown.  Vote numbers are covered to keep voting impartial.

4. You may make only one vote per photo. This is to keep voting fair to all halls. Please do not try to circumvent this. We monitor voting patterns very closely.


N.B. The competition is now closed for Entries


COMPETITION THEME: ‘Village Life - a photo which characterises the value of community in your village’ 


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